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Dorval Physiotherapy in Oakville is pleased to offer Custom Foot Orthotics. Orthotics are custom-made, prescription medical devices that, when inserted into footwear, help support, align or accommodate foot deformities or poor foot mechanics.

Libor and Ali will complete a full gait analysis, as well as a thorough assessment of the feet, using a 3-Dimensional laser scan, which will be done at the clinic. This technology aims to deliver the best and most accurate analysis of the feet and orthotic fit to the foot. The scanned results are sent to Premier Labs in Burlington for the manufacture of the custom orthotic insert.

There is a wide range of orthotics, with variable surface coatings, designed for a maximum custom and therapeutic fit. With each orthotic purchase comes a choice of a complimentary pair of footwear.

Do you Need an Orthotic?

Many physical complaints of the foot, ankles, knees and hips can be traced to several factors, or a combination of several factors, such as the need for better alignment of the foot, greater stability, and better distribution of the downward pressure on the foot. The ultimate goal of an orthotic is to correct any foot problems that may cause extra stress or pain to the feet, knees, lower limbs and back. More information is available by calling our office.

The orthotics are transferrable from shoe to shoe for most types of athletic and casual footwear, unless designed for specific shoes, purpose or activities.

We are taking bookings for orthotic assessment, so make your call today.

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