Ming is a passionate and hardworking massage therapist and acupuncturist with 12 years experience in Canada. As a massage therapist, Ming excels in deep tissue massage, Chinese massage (TuiNa) [...]

Andree Wakeham

Eighteen years ago, I had a work related injury which rendered me incapacitated and in great pain. I was very fortunate at the time to be recommended by friends and co-workers to seek an [...]

Danton H. O’Day

At the start of the New Year of 2016, I started physiotherapy at Dorval Physiotherapy and Wellness in Oakville for severe back pain that I had been suffering with for over three months. My [...]

Kerry Hills

As a mom, the last thing you want is to see your child in pain and suffering. Libor came highly recommended to us and has not let us down. He has been amazing support and has taken his time to [...]

Lynn Metcalfe

I have experienced discomfort from restless leg syndrome for many years. The acupuncture treatment from Dorval Physiotherapy in Oakville has made a huge difference to my restless legs. And I am [...]