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At the start of the New Year of 2016, I started physiotherapy at Dorval Physiotherapy and Wellness in Oakville for severe back pain that I had been suffering with for over three months. My therapist was Mr. Ali Maleki, who on the first visit determined the cause of my problem and immediately begin therapy.

After a few sessions my pain was significantly reduced, and then after a few more, it was essentially gone. Mr. Maleki understands the human body at a level far beyond what I had expected. As a result, he could put his expertise to use with a combination of pain-free exercises and state-of-the-art therapies.

In each case, he explained how those approaches worked in clear, easy to understand terms. Not only would I recommend Ali Maleki as an excellent physiotherapist, my experience with all of the members, especially receptionist Hannah, were top notch.

Danton H. O'DayProfessor Emeritus, Cellular Systems BiologyUniversity of Toronto
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