David Page

Registered Massage Therapist

Dave graduated from Sutherland – Chan School of Massage Therapy and has developed a style and treatment methodology that leaves the patient feeling spiritually and positively affected after each treatment.

Dave works to his belief in “find the cause, treat the cause” with every client to provide a open door to healing resulting in a personal well-being.

Dave’s training in the Swedish Massage techniques has equipped him with the skills and experience to help individuals through various levels of care, whether it be concerns like headaches, different phases of injury (acute, sub-acute, and chronic), Pre-natal and Postpartum as well as clients with Cancer and Parkinson’s. Dave also explores in postural re-education, athletic maintenance with his patients.

Dave states that there is nothing more beneficial as seeing his patients experience and see the benefits of regular massage treatments, resulting in better overall health and quality of life.

Specialties: stress reduction; rehabilitation; treatment of headaches and migraines, sports injuries, pain management.

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